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Screenshot Tips

Screenshots and screen captures enable users to take pictures of precisely that which they are seeing on screen. Screenshots can be shared with other users or saved for later usage. They are extremely useful for explaining something or demonstrate something that is difficult to convey in words. Here’s how you can take a screen shot on various devices:

  • Windows users can snap a picture using the PrtSc button on their keyboard. The screen captured will be saved to the clipboard. It can be copied and pasted into any program or application using Control + V. You can alter the size of the image prior to sending.
  • Mac users can capture screenshots by using keyboard shortcuts. For example, Command + Shift + 3 captures the entire screen. If you’d like to reduce the size of your Mac screenshots then hit Command + Shift + 4 and you’ll be able to be able to see a crosshair which can be dragged around to select an area on your screen to take a screenshot. If you’d like to see all the options available for taking screenshots you can press Command + Shift + 5.
  • iOS users can snap snapshots by pressing the volume up button, as well as the Wake/Sleep buttons. The picture can be stored to your camera roll. If you’re running an older iPhone mode, simply press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.
  • Android users press simultaneously the volume down button as well as power button simultaneously to take a picture of the screen. The image is saved to the gallery.

No matter if you are using screen shots regularly Here are some suggestions to remember.

1. Resize the screen shots

If you’ve taken the image you want to incorporate into an important file as well as a PowerPoint presentation. But, it is better to make your screenshot appear a bit larger. What should you do?

Choose an arrow that you can select from the image’s corner , and extend it until it is the perfect size. If you notice that the picture has blurred and pixelated, attempt to alter the size of the image by using an image editing program.

For example, Mac users can use Preview to modify the screenshot before they are able to include it in any document or presentation.

2. Include arrows and text to give an easier understanding

Making arrows and texts available to screen shots is an easy choice. It makes screen captures more interesting and understandable. It is possible to use any editing software for photos to include arrows and text to highlight crucial elements in the screenshot.

You can, for instance, employ an arrow to show the increase in monthly sales figures and also include a short message to the team member.

The arrow could highlight the gap in your marketing or sales reports. Also, the short note may suggest solutions. You can then forward the note to your team members and have them discuss the issue.

3. Capture a step-by-step process

If you’re trying to teach your employees or a person how to perform a task, you can rely on the images. They are your most trusted guide. By using screen captures, you can present your information instead of explaining verbally the steps to take.

It is not necessary to write long emails outlining and explaining a procedure using just text when you could make screen shots to illustrate. This way, you’ll ensure that you don’t get the instructions or steps misunderstood, confused, or unclear.

The easiest method to document an entire procedure is to describe the steps on a picture or take multiple pictures.

4. Screen capture with panoramic view

Do you know about panorama images? Screens with panoramic images can be used for captures to capture an extended, horizontal image of the display.

Panoramic captures horizontal and wide scrolls that permit users to scroll through web pages, and everything in between. Users can also make a single screen capture instead of making separate screen captures.

5. Remove or blur out sensitive information

If you wish to share vital details like flights times to your boss or your client but the information is classified information, you may make a copy of the information to share and then blur out the private details.

To do this you can utilize Snagit. Snagit offers simple-to-blur options which allow users to erase private data virtually.

6. Make sure the cursor isn’t visible

Screenshots are usually taken using the mouse cursor in view, which can cause confusion or conceal crucial information. Therefore, it is recommended to conceal the cursor while taking screen shots.

The mouse cursor should be covered or kept from view while taking a picture.

The Bottom Line

By following these screen capture tips that you can take screenshots of the screen more effectively and share the information with your colleagues, clients or even your family. Screen captures are a great method of explaining to people how to utilize a software or platform.

Virtual team meeting software’s permit users to share their screen captures when video calls are being held, which makes it simpler for everyone to comprehend what’s being discussed.

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