Which Fictional Character does not have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

You might be asking Which Fictional Character does not have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? That’s the answer: Kermit The Frog! Kermit the Frog was awarded an honorary place in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002. The star is located at the number 6801 on Hollywood Boulevard. What About You think of Kermit the Frog? Tell us via the comment section below!

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame

It’s been a remarkable actor with many honors from theater, music as well as film, TV and radio for many years. Many are unaware and curious to find out Which Fictional Character does not have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

It gives praise to a wide range of narrative characters that provide a summation of a massive amount of characters with episodic nature that are praised. A unique aspect of the fiction character is the fact that it praises an endlessly broad-based view of episodic characters.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh

While Winnie the Pooh isn’t an honorary star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame however, he is certainly among the top well-known and loved fictional characters. Winnie Pooh is a household name. Pooh and his pals earned more than $6 billion in retail revenues in 2005, the second highest of the most animated characters. The ceremony that honored Winnie the Pooh and his adventures took place in the Disney Studios Store adjacent to the El Capitan Theater. Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger attended the ceremony.

Although Pooh isn’t an award at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the actor has received several distinctions. Some of them include the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Johnny Grant, and Rod Serling have all publicly acknowledged Pooh. Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger also said that the movie , which is based on the original Pooh story “received the sum of six billion dollars sales”.

While Winnie the Pooh didn’t receive an honorary star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, several other characters from his collection have earned the distinction. The Rugrats as well as The Muppets, for example have received an award in 2001. For instance, The Muppets’ Woody Woodpecker, however was awarded a star in the year 1990. For Winnie the Pooh is concerned, the award for fame could not have been enough to turn him into an overnight famous.

Godzilla is another character from the animated world who has not yet received an honorary Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Godzilla first appeared in the form of a Japanese Kaiju movie. The film was described as a great illustration of nuclear holocaust. Godzilla is an honorary prominent spot in the Disneyland Walk of Fame. It is however, Godzilla is the only fictional character that does not have a feature in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “Which Fictional Character does not have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Peter Pan, another famous cartoon character, hasn’t been awarded a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell have both been awarded a star however it wasn’t Winnie the Pooh who was the first. The first star was named in honor of Tinker Bell, the Disney mascot. In addition to the Warner Bros. mascot, five other fictional characters are also given stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In actuality, Kermit the Frog is set to be awarded an award.

About Fictional Characters

Which Fictional Character Does Not Have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

The whole thing began in 1978 to celebrate fifty years of Mickey Mouse when it became the first animated character to be awarded an award. Other animated characters that are included on the list of winners are

  • Bugs Bunny
  • Woody Woodpecker
  • Donald Duck
  • Snow White
  • Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Tinker Bell
  • The Rugrats
  • Shrek
  • The Simpsons

Which Fictional Character does not have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

on the Hollywood walk of fame list, the characters that are included include

  • Munchkins
  • Two Muppets (named Kermit the Frog and Big Bird)
  • Three characters that are not animated (called Lassie, Tin Tin and Strong Heart)
  • One gigantic Monster (named Godzilla)

The performances that were awarded stars were greatly loved in the memory of the long-running radio host Art Ferguson. In 2012 the Muppets also earned a collective star, which made Kermit Big Bird and Big Bird the only fictional characters to have two stars.

12 Fictional Characters on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood walk of fame is comprised of a variety of famous and star-studded stars, it also includes many fictional world characters that are equally famous and amazing. Here is a comprehensive listing of the 12 characters fictional that are on The Hollywood Walk of Fame that answer the question: Which Fictional Character does not have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

1. Kermit, the Frog

It is among the most popular pop culture that earned its own star on the Hollywood parade of Popularity in 2002. Its address is the address 6801, Hollywood Boulevard.

2. Mickey Mouse

In 1978, the character was created by Walt Disney was picked. The character became a permanent name on the famed sidewalk. It is located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd.

3. The Simpsons

One of the most well-known computer-animated characters became famous in 2000. Television shows typically commemorate their 10th anniversary. The location is 7021 Hollywood Blvd.

4. Vermin Rabbit

He plays the role of the detector bros. The theater was given its own spot in the list of stars on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity in 1985. It is located at 7007 Hollywood Blvd.

5. Tinkerbell

Her name is considered to be the most adored companion of Peter Frying Pan. She is a proven record of being a celebrity since she is among the five Disney celebrities to be the status of a celebrity. The building was named the title of “Star of the Celebrity” in the year 2010 and is located at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard.

6. Shrek

He is a huge, eco-friendly loved monster that earned his first ever star in the year 2010. The location is the address 6931 Hollywood Blvd.

7. Large Bird

It’s a gorgeous and charming bird, a childlike bird, which was awarded with the honor of a star in 1994. It is located at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard in the ranks of.

8. Rugrats

The rising star is located at 6600 Hollywood Boulevard. It was named a “celebrity” in 2001, for a television show on the decade-long wedding anniversary.

9. Winnie The Pooh

This cute cubby character featured on his own celebrity in the year 2006. It is located at the location of 6834 Hollywood Boulevard.

10. Godzilla

It’s called King of Monsters, which was honored in 2004. The only other non-American imagined person to be awarded a star. It is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

11. Woody Woodpecker

As with other shows that were not well-known at first, but it soon became a popular choice among younger people, much like the other characters listed on this list. It was nevertheless ranked as a as a star in the year 1990, and is located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard.

12. Donald Duck

Golden imaginary ducks are the primary rival to Mickey Mouse, who got fame in 2004 when he became an actor. The location is 6840 Hollywood Blvd.

Bottom Line:

Which Fictional Character Does Not Have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? is the Question of Fictional Characters.

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