Timecard Calculator: How to Use Perfect Timecard Calculator?

Timecard Calculator

If you’re a business manager, you’ve probably had to bear the burden of maintaining the employees’ performance. What if I told you an easy way to completely automate your employee’s registration with an application? It’s possible making use of the Timecard Calculator.

It is mostly an online spreadsheet that records the information of employees including the hours worked as well as off days, gross pay, and so on. It can also be used to keep multiple employee information and then access it when needed.

If you’re looking to streamline employee pay and work hours in order to create greater revenue for your business then read on!

Are Timecards really Time-Saving? And why do you need Time Cards?

Time Saving

Time cards are a straightforward timesheet calculator which helps you calculate the billable hours and working time of workers. All you have to fill out is the time for work, including hours of beginning and ending and breaks for lunch as well as overtime hours and hourly rate.

There’s no need to spend your time filling in timesheets on paper template timesheets or devising your own time-counting method using difficult Excel spreadsheets. With Everhour’s timesheet calculator, you and your staff can quickly fill in, print out and distribute this useful timesheet.

Additionally it’s an easy-to-customize time card calculator that can be used with a simple form of bi-weekly or weekly timesheets. With this simple tool for time entries, you’ll be able to ensure that you keep your employees’ hours under control and keep track of expenses related to work.

How to Use a Timecard Calculator?

Utilizing the Timecard calculator isn’t difficult or complex. It’s an online tool or app that is accessible to everyone through web browsers. If you’re an aspiring user and would like to know how to utilize the tool effectively and efficiently, then you’re in right spot.

The steps below will guide you to use the calculator for time cards:

Start your Timecard Calculator on your web and begin to input employee details.

  • Then, you must add the personal information of the employee, like name, designation, etc.
  • Include the current date in addition (it’s optional)
  • Then, add the employees weekly timestamps, as well as time of employment (e.g. between 9 am and 5 pm or so.)
  • You can also choose bi-weekly or weekly updates to get results.
  • In addition, you may pick the times of the week when the employee will be working (e.g. five days or seven days)
  • It is then necessary to input the pay per hour for your employee, as well as the overtime hours (if there are any)
  • The calculator for time cards will calculate overtime pay, payments and overtime pay. and produce the results.
  • The results can be saved and printed the result in PDF format.
  • After the profile of your employee is finished after which you can save it to automate the process of calculating hours worked and pay
  • You can also input information from multiple employees, and keep it from having to automate the data entry process completely

Who can a Timesheet Calculator be used for?

Timesheet Calculator

Ever hour’s time card calculator, which is free, works well with a range of enterprises of different sizes. It’s great for:

  • Individual entrepreneurs Track your the working hours and hours with this handy timesheet calculator that lets you understand the worth of your time and so will your client.
  • Start-ups teams that scale up can make use of time cards to monitor the hours of work in the business and efficiently process and manage payroll. And so much more.
  • Small and medium businesses utilize calculating timesheets to determine the work hours of your subcontractors and teams with different hourly rates, as well as the time-off for your employees
  • Large-scale enterprises make use of cards as calculators as a time tracking software which is easily integrated into other applications for managing projects and assists in controlling the hours of work of employees working on site or remotely.

The Best Timecard Calculators

If you’ve made the decision to purchase the purchase of a Timecard calculator Here’s a list of most reliable calculators you can utilize to run your business:

  • Hub staff’s time tracking software is free.
  • Free Timesheet app by Work folio
  • Time Analytics Software
  • Boomr- Timesheet calculator for free
  • On the Clock- Free Time Card Calculator
  • Geek timesheet calculator Geek timesheet calculator

Break Time deducting

The calculator for time cards includes breaks begin along with break end fields. These two fields permit users to automatically subtract break duration from the total hours. It is enough to input the two values for when breaks begin and end. Additionally, you can set regular break times for all days of the week or set specific break times for each day.

Calculating the Cost of Payments

Cost of Payments

It is easy to determine an employee’s pay rate by entering the value in the hourly rate field, and then entering the type of currency on the Currency field. Time cards will calculate the total in total gross pay and also display the overtime and double overtime rate.

Monitoring overtime hours and calculating payment

The timesheet calculator that includes overtime calculates automatically the times employees are overworked by 1.5x. In order to do this, you will need enter the number into the Daily OT field. If you are planning to create an automatic double 2x payment to pay for overtime, you should utilize this daily Dot field. If you do not need the calculation of overtime simply leave the the Daily the OT, Weekly OT as well as the the Daily DOT fields blank.

The timesheet displays the hours of overtime completed and the overtime pay in the section below the table , along with the weekdays.


In the past, you should have learned a thing or two about this latest software that is being used in business. Your tasks related to employees will definitely be more efficient and accessible when you begin using these as a data card.

The greatest aspect? You can also download an application for mobile devices to use Time Card Calculator. Time Card Calculator to keep the employee’s online profile accessible to you.

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