QR Codes – Why CPG brands are Using QR Codes?

QR codes

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) market has experienced a major increase in recent years, and, with the increase in demand, comes greater consumer concern. Consumers are becoming more aware and pickier about the products they purchase using QR codes. They want to know manufacturing process, as well as the ingredient list before placing the item in their cart.

The satisfaction of customers is now the top priority. The CPG companies are working hard for greater transparency, and are striving to provide in-depth information on their products for the customer’s security. But, the packaging for the products do not have enough space to contain all relevant information needed to increase the customers’ trust.

This is the point where it is that the generation of QR codes for the consumer-packaged items can be found. To gather contact information, inform consumers, and evaluate the effectiveness of their products at the store QR codes are utilized to great effect.

QR codes can be a useful device to boost trust in consumers to boost brand image as well as increase transparency and help maintain brand loyalty.

Five reasons CPG brands are using QR codes

1. Provides additional information on the product

Food products that come with QR codes have detailed information and make the user’s experience pleasant. Food packaging with QR codes like those found on food packaging include everything from nutritional data and thrilling recipes to bonus and recommendations.

Phone numbers, URLs of websites as well as up to four hundred words of text could be saved in the form of a QR code. There are different ways to utilize QR codes:

  1. Request reviews and feedbacks through QR codes
  2. Design digital business cards using QR-codes to the business cards.
  3. Include QR codes to marketing materials to increase promotion of your product

QR code to display information about the product makes your brand stand apart from rivals and establishes you as the industry’s authority and earn customer trust and loyalty.

2. It increases your social media exposure

There are many kinds of QR codes that are available. Some lead you to a whole new universe of food recipes while others let you connect with your friends. Social QR codes help advertise your products and help to build an enduring community around your brand. QR codes are a great way to motivate your customers to interact with your brand on all platforms.

By using the scanner function, you’ll be able make sure that your customers are able to connect with the correct account and not need to enter their information to find your site. A an overview the social networks you have profiles lets them choose the most convenient method to interact to your company digitally.

If you’re not in the spotlight You will always be in their thoughts.

The use of QR codes to promote your business is a great strategy when you’re seeking to grow your social media reach. It offers numerous advantages and can be implemented in many ways.

In the event that QR codes can be utilized to supplement the social media advertising, they could:

  • More engagement
  • Create awareness
  • You can differentiate yourself from your competitors

3. Creates trust and increases transparency

Consumers are becoming more educated, informed and looking for the best. They require confirmation about the legitimacy and security of the items they purchase.

According to a study done by Label Insight, 94 percent of consumers expect complete honesty from the manufacturer.

For instance, through the usage of QR codes the food and beverage-based CPG brand can answer burning questions such as –

  • Is it secure for my family and me?
  • Are the ingredients are organic?
  • Do they contain parabens and preservatives?
  • Does it contain artificial sugars?
  • What are the various ways that I can make use of this product?
  • Where was it made?

Transparency is the most important factor in building trust with customers and promoting brand loyalty. QR codes to convey a story, explain the background of your business and describe the origin of your product and even keep track of product delivery are all methods of providing the customer with the details they require to feel confident about the business’s processes prior to investing in their products.

Information on the process of production and the materials employed and the working conditions provided to employees, along with the sustainability of the process is allows the client to be more familiar with the company and develop more confidence in the brand.

4. Improve sales

Who doesn’t like offers and specials?

Coupon QR codes let you to promote limited-time discounts and offers regarding your product. The scan could include all the information necessary to understand the offer, such as its expiration date, conditions and terms, as well as the advantages. The QR codes can be saved and saved to the smartphones of customers until they are ready for redemption, thereby increasing your sales.

Because of the huge increase in sales through QR code marketing , and the rising adoption rate of QRs around the world in the past year by 37 percent. This has led to well-known brands such as Rockport, Dominos and Starbucks develop new and creative ways to utilize QR codes to increase revenue and sales.

5. helps you to leverage the power of video ads

Videos are a trend right now and demand for them has never stopped growing. Video marketing improves customer engagement and educates your customers and can reach them via an alternative digital media.

A simple QR code for Video placed on posters and banners can bring your customers directly to the video you’ve created for your advertisement. This technique helps you get the attention of your customers, and usually customers end up purchasing more!


QR code generators designed for CPG brands could prove to be a powerful tool if employed correctly. QR codes can greatly boost sales and create an improved customer experience. Furthermore, bringing everything to the internet is a must to ensure that you remain in the market and competitive on the market. It’s the easiest, fastest and most effective method of growing your customer base.

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