Onyx Kelly Son Iggy Azalea’s All Detailed About Onyx Kelly

Onyx Kelly

Iggy Azalea is the proud mom of an adorable child named Onyx Kelly aged two. The rapper isn’t known for her willingness to share private information about herself, but in this instance it’s imperative to be aware of the information regarding the child of the rapper.

Iggy Azalea who is 32 isn’t recognized for her work as a mother of a young child, but it’s evident she is a mother to her child. Onyx Kelly has her total and unwavering commitment. The level of success Amethyst Amelia Kelly achieved is astonishing in any way. Following her signing to Mercury Records in 2012, the New South Wales-born Australian singer quickly became a household name after being signed by Island Def Jam the following year.

Her breakthrough came through the hit singles “Fancy” and “Work,” that became immediate success. But music isn’t only the one thing Iggy is well-known for; she’s also known for her more controversial posts on YouTube. The gorgeous brunette has a job as model, but she’s probably best known as the brand’s spokesperson Levi’s Jeans.

Onyx Exact Date of Birth.


Iggy could have had a baby with Onyx Kelly around the middle of 2020, however she has not disclosed the date on which Onyx was her baby’s birth date. Instead, she decided to reveal without images her that she already was a mom and that she secretly gave baby son through Playboi.

On the 10th of June in 2021, she revealed to the followers of her Instagram stories that she was the mother of one son. “I kept waiting for the appropriate time to say something, but it feels like the more time goes, the more I know that I’m always going to feel anxious to share news.” she wrote.

“It’s just one of those things.” Iggy explained in her post her explanation that she “wanted to make it obvious that he is not a secret.” “I cannot express how much I love him,” she added.

Father is also Model and rapper.

Onyx’s incredibly talented parents are models as well as rappers! Playboi, who was born Jordan Terrell Carter, hit the mainstream in 2017 with his hits “Woke Up Like This” and “Magnolia.” Not content to be a solitary performer the fashion-forward performer has also appeared on the runway for high-end fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and VFiles. A profile from August 2017 published in GQ Magazine anointed him the “leader of a youth style” and said that his distinctive style was somewhere in between his “fashion gloss of A$AP Mob, the punk-rock attitude of Uzi-Vert, and the playful-camp of Yachty.”

Iggy Once Claimed Raising Onyx Kelly Alone.

Iggy Azalea son

Iggy was on Instagram stories once again during November of this year to share an uncharacteristic comment about her adorable son. In the same post, she also revealed that she broke up with Playboi and declared herself a single mom. “You lost the real thing, Since many persons take their devotion to be a set, I’d favor to be by myself.. If I affirm “parenting my kid” all by myself last night, I intended to say was I’m no longer being in a relationship.

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