Introduction of Gauthmath and Best Alternatives to Gauthmath


Gauthmath is an app that helps with math homework which provides step-by step solutions to any math-related problem such as word problems and geometry. The app also gives access to math tutors online to assist learners with their math issues in algebra and graphing, calculus and many other areas. The tutors come from more than 30 countries and are available round all hours of the day.

In addition to on-line math tuition, Gauthmath has an integrated AI calculator that allows students to discover solutions to complicated math-related problems. Students simply download the application, scan or take photos of their math issue using their smartphone and Gauthmath will take care of the work. It instantly analyzes the problem and then solves it. It also gives step-by-step directions and explanations.

Through the step-by-step instructions students will be taught ‘how’ to solve math problems’ instead of simply doing it for you. In addition, Gauthmath teaches basic methods in its first short math’s videos. Gauthmath also offers graphing services to assist with visualizing complex expressions of function. Graphs aid students in learning to draw and solve problem-solving functions.

Overview of Performance of High School Students With Math

Mathematics is still one of the most fearsome subjects around the globe and this is more troubling for students in high school. Recent studies have revealed the fact that 37% of teenagers aged between 13 and 17 considered mathematics to be their most challenging subject , and the top ranked overall. A variety of factors, such as problems with attention and a lack of practice have been blamed for the huge failure.

Although many study tools have been created to improve the process of learning more streamlined for students, a lot of these tools have produced only a few results. But, the team at GauthTech has hit the goldmine, as evidenced by the release of Gauthmath and the growing popularity of the application.

How much does Gauthmath cost?

Gauthmath is available as a mobile application available for the both Android or iPhone and iPad devices. The app is free to download but it comes with in-app purchase like conic segments ($4.99) applications of integrals ($2.99) exponential equations ($0.99) sets ($0.99) and rational indexes ($0.99), Venn Diagram ($0.99) and much other.

Introduction of Gauthmath

Gauthmath’s launch Gauth-math was timely because it offers a fresh way for students to study the maths at home specifically in the post-Covid age. The app for learning online provides immediate, mobile maths step-by-step solutions free to high school students. It is unique in combing technology with experienced math tutors who can assist parents and students with the final stages of preparation.

Gauthmath can be used to solve all types of math-related questions, such as geometry and word problems that are based on AI methods which makes it a comprehensive educational device for children. High school and middle school students and tutors have posted their opinions on the app across various social media platforms and with TikTok almost erupting with hilarious duets that have racked up thousands of viewers.

Features and Milestones Achieved By Gauthmath

The App Launches in Over 170 Countries

A few apps have the global reach of Gauthmath. The fact that it was launched in 173 countries at the time of its launch is more impressive considering that math-related apps aren’t so popular, which indicates that the tool for learning certainly has won the hearts of millions of students across the globe.

Prompt Answers To Questions

Answers To Questions

The most essential feature for any app user is the speed and precision of the solutions provided. While many math professionals teach students, the tutors’ response speed and accuracy have been the subject of harsh criticism. Yet, Gauthmath seeks to take the teaching experience to the next level by utilizing a well-thought-out process for selecting tutors as well as an elimination systems to increase the efficiency as well as accuracy for tutors. It also provides an environment that is relaxed for pupils and teachers to communicate and not be under the pressure of adults who are tutoring.

Fun Math Learning Community Across Social Media

The popularity of Gauthmath has extended beyond the app because users have formed an ever-growing fun math’s education community on social media platforms. There are currently more than 100,000 members on Discord which has students taking part in a variety of activities, such as math puzzles, and math fun facts, with tutors on an audio channel.

Users can also publish maths-related trivia. There are also studies-related activities such as Math Quizzes Speech contests, and other art-related activities.

Gauthmath is a hit on social media as being one of Gaut-math’ TikTok activity, “Put Your Fingers Down” almost taking over Indonesia TikTok with more than 49k users making the video. Many influencers as well as TikTok members have uploaded various videos, with the achievement that is unmatched by any educational app.

Alternatives to Gauthmath?


A few useful alternatives that can be used in conjunction with Gauthmath

1. Symbolab

2. DeltaMath

3. Mathway

4. XtraMath

5. Photomath

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