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Fast Internet in the World

Even if you reside in a place in which Fast Internet in the World have poured in a huge amount of money to build the development of a new infrastructure for Fast Internet in the World You might be surprised to discover that United States is only ranked 14th, with an average speed of 225.51 100 Mbps.

This blog lists the most populous countries with the Fast Internet in the World.

The top 10 ranking nations is derived from reliable sources, such as as well as Ookla speed test reports.

Top 10 Countries with the Most Fast Internet in the World

The countries with the highest average fixed broadband speeds in October 2021. Information and data gathered from

1. Fixed Broadband (Global Performance)

Ranking Country/Territory Mean Broadband Internet Speed (in mbps)
#1 Monaco 270.25
#2 Hong Kong (SAR) 260.35
#3 Singapore 257.15
#4 Romania 241.35
#5 Switzerland 231.96
#6 Chile 227.77
#7 Denmark 226.13
#8 Thailand 223.72
#9 South Korea 219.05
#10 France 218.84
  • Monaco has an average of fixed speed 270.25 milliseconds. It was the no.1 nation in the category of the Fast Internet in the World.
  • Hong Kong SAR is the second Fast Internet in the World connected country, with a an average speed of 260.35mbps.
  • With an average rate that is 257.15mb, Singapore is the third-fastest internet connection in the world.
  • The fourth of July, Romania had an average fixed broadband speed of 241.35mbps.
  • Switzerland was ranked fifth with an typical fixed speed fixed of 231.96mbps that is sufficient to load The Sims in <67 seconds.
  • In addition to Switzerland, Chile has the sixth-Fast Internet in the World with an average rate of 227.77mbps.
  • Denmark is just a bit under Chile’s average speed for internet with an error of 1.64 milliseconds and a total of 226.13mbps.
  • Eighth place in the rankings, Thailand has the fastest fixed internet speed, which was 223.72mbps placing it in the top 10 countries with Fast Internet in the World.
  • With an average rate that was 219.05mbps, South Korea made it to ninth place leaving France at tenth place with 218.84mbps.

2. Mobile (Global Performance)

Ranking Country/Territory Mean Mobile Internet Speed (in mbps)
#1 United Arab Emirates 249.96
#2 Bulgaria 249.51
#3 South Korea 236.36
#4 Qatar 222.96
#5 Norway 201.50
#6 Kuwait 198.93
#7 Saudi Arabia 187.78
#8 Cyprus 182.31
#9 China 177.88
#10 Australia 168.63

The countries with the fastest average speeds for mobile internet in June 2022. The data and information is derived via Speedtest Global Index.

Remember that these are the average speeds across all countries. some regions will be faster, certain areas are slower and other regions may not be covered.

Top 10 Countries with the Most Slow Internet Speed

Slow Internet Speed

In reality, there are several countries where the internet speed is an inconvenience.

The masses are eagerly waiting days for downloads of movies or even simple files.

Of the many countries that have the slowest internet speed or internet speeds, Turkmenistan is ranked as no.1 in the category of countries with the slowest internet speed.

The figures and data are derived through Speedtest Global Index.

Ranking Country/Territory Worst Fixed Broadband Speed (in mbps) Worst Mobile Internet Speeds (in mbps)
#1 Turkmenistan <10.80 <3.41
#2 Yemen <8.77 <10.02
#3 Cuba <5.13 <13.18
#4 Sudan <10.91 <16.24
#5 Algeria <11.17 <22.13
#6 Malawi <9.08 <8.82
#7 Guinea <9.24 <3.61
#8 Niger <10.20 <3.67
#9 Syria <11.62 <20.72
#10 The Gambia <10.69 NA

These figures are just averages , and do not reflect the number of people who people live in communities that are not redeveloped in remote and rural areas.

With these speeds, people in these countries are unable to perform much more than web surfing as well as checking their email, or watching the news using their internet connection.

We require an internet connection that is fast as well. The Fast Internet in the World is the better, so that we can not only pay our bills, but also enjoy things such as play video games and stream our favorite films.

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Incredibly to some, people may be surprised to learn that United States barely squeaks in with the tenth highest Fast Internet in the World. Charter Spectrum is among the most speedy broadband providers within the USA.

Thank you for taking a look at our best 10 fastest Fast Internet in the World.

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