How to Use Emergency SOS Via Satellite on iPhone 14

Emergency SOS

The new iPhone 14 series and iPhone 14 Pro series have new features, including eSIM, photography, and emergency SOS via satellite communication. This service is available even in remote areas, so you can signal for help from wherever you may be.

However, Emergency SOS requires either an Apple Watch or nearby iPhone with a WiFi or cellular connection. Sometimes, you will need to select the emergency service that you require in certain countries or regions.

However, even though this feature is amazing, many users don’t know how Emergency SOS Via Satellite works on iPhone 14. This guide is to help you. This guide will explain everything you need to know about emergency SOS via Satellite for the iPhone 14 series. Let’s start with the guide.

What’s Emergency SOS via Satellite?

Emergency SOS via Satellite

The iPhone 14 line has new safety features, including satellite emergency SOS. This allows you to call emergency services even if you don’t have reception.

This feature allows you to text emergency services even if you’re not connected to cellular or WiFi. This service is not for emergency calls and other functions. All messages received will be copied and forwarded to appropriate emergency agencies.

How Does iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite Work?

Emergency SOS via satellite is a great way to reach emergency services regardless of other options. Your iPhone will attempt to connect you to emergency services via satellite if you are unable to call or text them due to problems with your cellular or WiFi connection.

A satellite link is a different experience than sending and receiving messages via cellular networks. In ideal conditions, where there is no foliage or a clear sky, it can take up to 15 seconds to send a message.

Your phone connects to an emergency service by using cellular data or wifi when you dial an emergency number. If you live in remote areas, it is almost impossible to reach an emergency service. This is no longer true.

You can use the iPhone 14 to connect with a satellite and send an emergency message. Globalstar and Apple have a partnership to receive satellite services from the satellite operator.

Where can I find the Emergency SOS via Satellite Service?

You may be asked to reply if you receive multiple messages. These messages are limited to Latin characters like English and French. This service is only currently available in the United States or Canada.

You can still use this service, regardless of whether your iPhone was purchased in the USA or Canada.

Guam and American Samoa do not have a satellite emergency SOS. Satellite emergency SOS may not be available to those living in Alaska and Canada’s northern regions where the latitudes are greater than 62 degrees.

Emergency SOS via Satellite

Emergency SOS via Satellite

If you are in an area without a network, you can tap Emergency text via satellite while you call emergency services. After that, click on Report Emergency. You will then be asked emergency questions.

After you answer the questions, you will be notified by your emergency contacts that this option has been selected. After you have completed the questionnaire, instructions for connecting to the satellite will also be sent to your iPhone.

You must be in an area with no cellular or WiFi connectivity to be able to use Emergency SOS via satellite. If you don’t receive any network signal, this will prevent you from being able to use the service.

To connect to a satellite, your phone must be in your hands. Your phone will show you the direction you should move to connect to satellites if you move in that direction. Since you can’t see satellites with the naked eye, your iPhone will give you directions.

It is crucial to choose a spot that has clear skies and no clouds. Light foliage is fine, but heavy foliage will make it difficult to connect.

You may also experience problems connecting to the Internet because of tall structures, hills, canyons, or mountains. As the satellite moves, your iPhone will continue to prompt you to adjust your position. You must also adjust your positions.

Once a connection has been established, emergency responders will be able to receive your medical ID, emergency contact information and emergency questionnaire answers. Satellite messages can be sent after 15 seconds if the sky clears.

How Does Satellite Communication Work?

This is a new technology that allows smartphones to communicate by satellite. Although there have been many announcements about satellite-based connectivity that is beyond the reach terrestrial cell towers (e.g. Huawei in China), Apple is the first to offer such a service.

Radio waves are used to connect the phone, most likely using bands already used by terrestrial networks. Satellites can be used, but the bandwidth will be much smaller because you are connecting via a satellite.

The information will be sent to a satellite and relayed to a ground station. Finally, it will be forwarded to a destination (in this case, an emergency responder agency). The data usually arrives at its destination in between 15 and 30 seconds.

Because bandwidth limits prevent you from sending it quickly, Apple’s Find My Network allows users to track their satellite location while they are out in the wild so they can stay in touch with family members.

Which Countries can users use satellite emergency SOS?

It is only currently available in the USA or Canada. If you are an international traveler, it is possible to use the iPhone service if you have not purchased the iPhone service in China, Hong Kong or Macao.

Final Words

This is how you use Emergency SOS Via Satellite for iPhone 14. We hope you now have a better understanding of the Emergency SOS Via Satellite for iPhone 14. If you have any questions or doubts, please comment below.

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