8 Easy ways to Keep your Custom Macaron Boxes Safe

Macaron Boxes

Macarons are France-originated cookies with cream in between two of the cookies. These cookies are colorful and extremely appetizing even if just looked at. The beautiful and yummy soft texture of the cookies takes one to the land of fantasies and yumminess. These macarons are one of the many bakery items that have to be very looked after during any transit from one place to another, either by a takeaway or by a giveaway. This purpose can be fulfilled in the best way in the form of custom Macaron Boxes.

Custom Macaron Boxes

custom Macaron Boxes

Custom macaron boxes are customized boxes that are for any kind of protective or decorative measure. They are made and manufactured according to the needs, desires and specifications of the product and the brand’s owner. It is important to keep the intent of the product under discussion in view. A macaron box is going to be very different from a CBD box but the basic instructions and dimensions are going to be the same for all. Below are 8 ways to keep your macarons safe with the help of custom macaron boxes.

  1. Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance here is a very important point to be noticed and kept under special examination for custom macaron boxes because of the fact that macarons are bakery items. They have to reach their destination in intact form and certainly, high temperatures cannot let that happen. Hence, temperature variation has to be resisted completely and the box material has to be of high quality for that to happen.

  1. Guaranteed freshness

You might be wondering if I already talked about temperature resistance then what is the sense of again talking about freshness. It is because freshness does not depend on one factor which is temperature rather it depends on many factors like physical injuries, temperature variation, and sun rays interference. Here we will discuss the measures you can take for the guaranteed freshness you want to offer your customers. You should be very keen while deciding the thickness and the paper stock of the custom macaron boxes. The macarons have to be completely fresh, intact and in perfect taste when reaching the destination.

  1. Molds

Molds are the perfect-sized places made inside the custom macaron boxes for the macarons to be kept there. This makes sure they do not move here and there inside the box during being carried to their destination for the customer’s end use.

  1. Handles

You must have seen some boxes of some brands that have their own handles on the box. You can do the same and create custom macaron boxes with handles. This will make it a lot easier to carry the macarons in the box to their destinations. This feature will be the distinguishing one between you and your competitors, you will have an edge of being the most unique and the most unique one always wins because people always crave something new.

  1. Sizes of the boxes

Sizes of boxes also have quite a relation with the end result of the macarons’ conditions when it reaches their destination. Boxes of perfect size according to the number and size of the macarons as a standard are going to be good to be of normal size but you can also manufacture different sizes of custom macaron boxes for better use according to the size of the order. For small orders, you can have a small custom macaron box with molds and handles for the purpose of proper carriage and placement of the macarons in the boxes.

  1. Shapes of the boxes

Fancy shapes can help attract the audience towards the product increasing the sales and revenue of the brand and the product. A simple rectangular or square shape is boring and monotonous so you should think about fancier custom macaron boxes in more fun shapes such as hexagonal or pentagonal or other polygonal shapes.

  1. Lamination

Lamination types can bring a huge difference in the whole theme of the custom macaron boxes and create a whole different impression from the other choice. For example, matte, soft touch and gloss all of these types have the ability to bring out different qualities in the box according to the niche of the brand and product.

  1. Window panes

Talking about window panes in the custom macaron boxes you have to know that it has a very cute and impactful effect, both at the same time. Window panes create anticipation in the customers looking at their macarons from outside and imagining how they will be having to eat them afterwards. This can cause them to be more excited about your brand’s items.


All these discussed tips and tricks are extremely important to understand where and how can they be applied. The impact of these ways will be seen in the raise of your revenue generation, sales and number of loyal customers. These tips are going to make your custom macaron boxes eye-catchy and appealing in a thousand different ways and not only appealing but also safe and protective.

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