Auto Reliability Survey and Highlights From Consumer Reports

Auto Reliability Survey

Luckily, CR can guide you to the most reliable, modern vehicles, such as cars, SUVs or pickup trucks. Our suggestions are based upon the results of our Auto Reliability Survey which asked participants about the issues they’ve encountered concerning their vehicle in one of 17 areas that could be troublesome in the past twelve months. The topics range from transmissions, engines, and brakes, to electrical systems, sounds, leaks, paint and trimming.

We take their feedback for more than 300,000 cars to calculate expected Auto Reliability Survey for nearly every new car that is on the market. The highlights of this year’s survey include positive news for hybrids and sedans, as well as some cautions regarding pickup trucks and EV buyers. In the end we’ll list the new recommended models based upon the reliability information, and then we detail the models that have did not receive their recommendations because of declining reliability.

Sedans Are Still Most Reliable

Every year, consumers ditch sedans in greater numbers in favor of the convenience and size provided by pickups and SUVs. Yet, sedans are still the most reliable car in our study.

Overall, their expected Auto Reliability Survey is at 58 (on an scale from 100 to 0) which is followed by SUVs with a score of 51. Minivans have an average score of 44, while pickups following with 39.

Why are cars so much more stable? The reason is that they benefit because they are older models and therefore automakers have had time solve the issues. They are also not equipped with features that can cause problems such as entertainment systems for rear seats and the power sliding doors found on minivans.

Hybrids Have Few Problems

Hybrids Have Few Problems

We had more information about hybrids this year’s study than in the past. It was found that the majority of hybrids have reliability equal or superior than non-hybrid models.

A few owners of the standard 2022 Ford Escape SUV had brake issues, but we did not hear of this issue by owners who owned the hybrid model. In the same way, people who own the traditional 2021 Escape said that the automatic transmission with eight speeds experienced rough shifts and would shift (not remain in gear) and not stay in gear, whereas Escape Hybrid owners reported no issues with the constantly variable transmission.

Hybrids’ appeal isn’t limited to their reliability. “They’re more efficient in terms of fuel consumption and may be cheaper in comparison to non-hybrid models,” says Jake Fisher who is CR’s chief of testing for autos.

Problematic Plug-Ins

With the fact that more (as as well as cheaper) EV models are being launched and are selling in larger amounts, more customers have reported issues with specific systems for EVs, such as batteries chargers, battery packs, as well as drive motors.

The issues are present in a wide range of electric vehicles such as these: the Chevrolet Bolt, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Kona Electric as well as Volkswagen ID.4, All of which have below-average Auto Reliability Survey.

Plug-in hybrids had similar issues. They both have similar issues. Toyota Prius Prime as well as the the RAV4 Prime have lower Auto Reliability Survey than their hybrids and in the case of RAV4, RAV4 the conventional sibling. and the Plug-in Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is among the most reliable cars in the study.

Pickup Troubles Continue

Pickups have been in the bottom of our reliability scores for six out of the last seven years. Seventeen (17 models included in the study have a high or average reliability.

Its predecessor, the Toyota Tundra, redesigning in 2022, showed lower than average reliability during its initial year. Similar to the updated for 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz small pickup, the larger Nissan Frontier and Jeep Gladiator, and the large trucks from Ford as well as General Motors all earned below-average Auto Reliability Survey.

There are some bright spots There are some bright spots: There are some bright spots: Toyota Tacoma scored above average, and so did the latest Ford Maverick and Maverick Hybrid. If you’re looking to buy an auto pickup that has an impressive track performance record, go to one of the following models, the Ford RangerHonda Ridgeline, or Tacoma.

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